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Why We Chose L’ANZA

What do L’ANZA products have that make them different?



L’ANZA products are made with organic and wildcrafted botanicals, carefully researched and resourced to guarantee the best results from nature for the hair as well as for the planet.

The Keratin Bond System: Classic Healing

As hair becomes damaged, the hair fibre loses protein, moisture, and minerals, so L’ANZA products replace these vital components back into the hair. The cuticle is then sealed, locking in the benefits and protecting the hair from future damage.


L’ANZA utilizes Hydrolyzed Keratin Amino Acids that contain the same Amino Acids as those found in human hair, which are the essential building blocks for healthy, strong hair. When hair is damaged, it loses these vital proteins and becomes weak, dull and lifeless. To properly heal the hair, we replace all Amino Acids to restore balance and strength. L’ANZA does this through their unique Keratin Healing System.

The Keratin Healing System combines reparative ingredients and keratin protein though a unique hydrolyzed process and healing ingredients, repairing damaged sites deep within the hair’s inner layers.

The Keratin Bond System consists of:

  • Keratin Amino Acids
  • Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex
  • Moisture Retain Complex

Hair cross section

These incredible new ingredients work synergistically with the Keratin Bond System to provide unmatched healing. This action allows the hair to heal from within, so the external texture becomes smooth, shiny, and healthier.

The Keratin Healing System: Advanced Healing

As technology has advanced over the years, L’ANZA have continued to develop new products and push scientific boundaries in order to deliver the best possible hair care. And so the Keratin Bond System was able to become upgraded into the Keratin Healing System, which basically contains more of what’s in the Keratin Bond System, plus superior ingredients, triple UV sunscreen protection and Nano Science for advanced delivery.

Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex

The L’ANZA Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex adds shine, hydration and structural integrity to the hair – healing dry, damaged hair more effectively than ever. The oils from the Meadowfoam Flower Seeds contain lipids essential to proper hydration of the hair.

Moisture Retain Complex

The L’ANZA Moisture Retain Complex, contains an exclusive blend of four mineral-fortified PCA’s (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid). Not only do these advanced ingredients help maintain hair’s moisture and elasticity, but they also replenish the necessary minerals lost during chemical processing.

NANO Science

Nano science is an advanced way of making ingredients such as botanicals and moisturisers so small that they have to be measured in nanometers (1/1000 of a meter). The advantage of ingredients being small is that moisturizing elements are delivered deep into the hair’s cortex, rather than accumulating on the surface, so they won’t weigh hair down. The result is outstanding softness and silkiness with exceptional body, even for the finest hair strands.

UV Rays Triple UVA, UVB and UVC Protection

Healing Colorcare ®

UV sun rays damage the skin and hair, and cause hair to become dry, brittle and cause the colour to fade. L’ANZA is the only company that utilizes UV colour protectors to guard against all three types of UV rays: UVA, UVB and UVC (ageing, burning and cancer). This ensures the maximum protection from damage and colour fadeage.

Sulphate free shampoos

All shampoos contain surfactants, which supply the cleansing action and lathering properties to remove oils and debris from the hair. Surfactants are divided into two categories: Sulphate and Non-Sulphate.

Sulphate Surfactants

Sulphate-based surfactants are commonly used in shampoos as cleansers, and are often derived from coconut oil. They are effective cleansers and lather well.

Non-Sulfate Surfactants

There are also surfactants that are not sulphate based, and L’ANZA tends to use vegetable-based cleansers. These are just as effective at cleansing the hair but are a lot gentler on the hair and scalp, and have also been proven to extend the life of hair colour.

L’ANZA’s technology gives blends of non-sulphate surfactants that provide a rich lather in a sulphate-free shampoo thanks to botanical extracts such as Gugo Bark, which naturally enhance the “bubbling” factor. All L’ANZA shampoos in the Advanced Healing Collection are sulphate-free