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If you have a problem with your hair or scalp the person to see is a Mike our resident trichologist, in the same way you would see a dermatologist for a skin problem. Mike can help treat hair loss, scaling of the scalp, itching, hair breakage, dryness and oiliness amongst other things.

Hair is a very sensitive to imbalances in the body – factors such as poor nutrition, medical or genetic problems, medication and stress can all have an affect on your hair and scalp.

During your consultation Mike will ask you about your medical history, lifestyle and other factors to help him identify the cause of your problem and where possible to treat it. He will also perform a Microscopic Analysis of your hair to assess if there is any structural damage, establish the rate of hair loss, confirm the presence of fungus or identify genetic influences.

After your consultation Mike will give you advice to help to improve your hair and scalp.

If you wish to book an appointment to see Mike, please contact the Salon as the Trichology Clinic is held every 6 to 8 weeks and appointments are limited, so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment