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Nicola Mahon Massage Therapist, Perth

I’d like to welcome into your next step in relaxation and replenishment! My name is Nicola, and I’ve been working in using bodywork and massage to help my clients reduce stress, recover from burnout, improve balance and movement, increasing overall feelings of well-being.

I love to see clients leaving my practice with a relaxed and happy glow, feeling a little more at ease in an increasingly busy world.

I have been working for over six years using Tellington Ttouch to provide a light sensory massage providing myofascial release, which can help ease aches and pains, improve balance and help your body into an overall “mindfulness”.

Working and training within a traditional Chinese massage clinic, I learned to use pressure point massage and techniques in massaging along Chinese meridian lines which are important in reducing the build up of stress that accumulates in our every day lives.

Previous clients have used my massage to..

  • Help in their recovery from Burnout
  • General stress reduction
  • Prepare their mind and body before they begin large corporate projects
  • Physical relaxation after sports events
  • Remedial massage in recovering from long term illness

My clients have come from many different spheres in life.. Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Builders, Footballers, Long distance runners.  Sensitive and perceptive to your needs, my aim is to help you feel at ease, and feel better in life, because when we feel better, we do better.




One hour relaxing aromatherapy massage – £50

90 minute relaxing aromatherapy massage – £65

One hour neck-shoulder-back massage – £50

30 minute neck-shoulder-back massage – £35

45 minute Facial/head-arms-hand massage – £38