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Hair Prices

Ladies CutsHead StylistStylistGraduate Stylist
Ladies Cut and Finish£45.00
Shampoo and Finish£28.00£25 .00£23.00
Ultimate Shampoo and Finish£36.00£33.00£31.00
Shampoo and Finish Long Hair£39.50£36.50£34.00
Ultimate Shampoo and Finish Long Hair£49.50£46.50£44.00
Ladies Restyle(1 hour appointment)
Ladies Restyle(1.5 hour appointment)
TreatmentsHead StylistStylistGraduate Stylist
Ultimate Treatment (3 step conditioning treatment)£ 10.00£ 10.00£ 10.00
Moi Moi Moisture Treatment£ 6.00£ 6.00£ 6.00
Ladies ColourHead StylistStylistGraduate Stylist
Tint Roots£37.00£34.00£31.00
Roots and Ends Short Hair£38.50£36.00£34.00
Roots and Ends Long Hair£44.00£39.00£36.00
Roots and Ends plus up to 10 packets (short hair)£44.50£39.50£36.00
Roots and Ends plus up to 10 packets (long hair)£48.50£43.50£40.00
Top Panel Highlights (short hair)£36.00£31.00£26.00
Top Panel Highlights (long hair)£41.00£36.00£31.00
Half Head Highlights (short hair)£44.50£41.00£37.00
Half head Highlights (longhair)£49.50£46.50£42.00
Full Head Highlights (short hair)£55.50£51.50£46.50
Full Head Highlights (long hair)£59.50£55.50£51.50
Top Panel Highlights and Semi (short hair)£51.50£46.50£41.50
Top Panel Highlights and Semi (long hair)£62.00£56.50£51.50
Half Head Highlights and Semi (short hair)£60.00£58.00£51.00
Half head Highlights and Semi (long hair)£70.00£67.00£63.00
Full Head Highlights and Semi (short hair)£70.00£67.00£62.00
Full Head Highlights and Semi (long hair)£81.50£77.50£72.00
Bleach Roots£39.50£36.00£33.00
PermsHead StylistStylistGraduate Stylist
Top Perm£40.50
Full Head Perm (short hair)£51.50N/AN/A
Full Head Perm (long hair)£64.00N/AN/A
Hair UpHead StylistStylistGraduate Stylist
French Pleats from£22.00£18.00£20.00
GHD Curls£33.30£29.60£30.60
Casual Hair Up from£25.00£25.00£25.00
Formal Hair Up from£39.00£39.00£39.00
Wedding Hair Up Package (including Trial)£89.00£89.00£89.00
Gents CutsHead StylistStylistGraduate Stylist
Gents Cut and Finish£30.00£28.00£24.00
Gents Wash and Cut£25.00£22.00£18.00
Gents Clipper Cut£20.00£17.00£14.00